Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our First Precocious Puberty Talk

Good Evening,

Tonight I felt inspired by a woman in one of the groups I follow on Facebook. She has her own blog to describe her daughters life dealing with this condition and I thought I would get out my blog and write down a few of the things we have dealt with.

In 2013 During the second last week of the term (I am a teacher), My mum messaged me to say that she had found some blood in Alice's nappy. At this date Alice was was 16 months old. I was was freaked out by this and went and picked her up immediately and too her to the doctor. Alice would not let him look down there properly so he just assumed it was some kind of infection and gave us antibiotics. After three days on these antibiotics I saw no improvements, I saw a different doctor who instructed us to go to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

We saw many doctors during this week, it is a whirlwind just trying to remember as i was around 20 weeks pregnant at this stage as well. We had x-ray, ultrasound, blood tests, all pointing towards puberty. I was scared as heck. I'm sure you know the feeling of "What did I do? How could I have prevented this?". Our last procedure was the MRI and a week after wards we went down and heard that Alice has a small lesion on her pituitary gland.

Hearing this was terribly hard, as i had done my research, and 95% of precocious puberty cases are for unknown reasons, why did we have to lay in that 5%. Following this Alice had a stimulation test which showed her hormone levels and how the treatment would effect her (zoladex).

Following this we had zoladex every 12 weeks to stop the puberty. It was working well for stopping the menstrual cycle but Alice continued to grow rapidly.

Recently we have transferred over to Lucrin which has improved her growth rate dramatically. she handles the injection much better than the zoladex and we can also get it administered at our local GP.

Over the next few weeks I will post more about her symptoms and what its like living with a beautiful little girl that has to deal with things much too advanced for her body.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bloggin' in bed

Good evening loves,

I'm just laying in bed and thought hey, I might check in and update my lovely 8 or so followers. I have been thinking about the next time Alice has a nap of typing up all the review it I'm through it reviews as I already have them written on paper and then just releasing one a week so that I can spend as much time with my baby. Should I be doing looks of the day and mummy daughter outfit of the day? I want something different as reviews can be very boring for some people.

So as Alice sleeps I think I'll think of some looks and such for you guys. It's so hard not to clean when she is asleep but I really enjoy blogging so I need and want to do it more. If only Alice could entertain herself but she is very needy at the moment so even putting her down is getting difficulty without her crying.
Would you like some baby posts and organising help? I'm a bit of an organised freak that's why I find it hard not to clean when she is sleeping.

Anyways I'll try and type up all my posts tomorrow so I have lots of reviews ready for you guys

Thanks for reading!

Mell x

Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 week baby update

Hello my loves,

Just wanted to update you on my baby girl, even though I hardly have any followers at all, I still enjoy writing as I feel as though it's kind of catharctic :)

So the last 6 weeks have been a blur of nappies, sleeping, crying and playing. Alice-Ella has been amazing growing from 8lb 1oz to 11lb in 6 weeks. What a whopper! She also grew from 51cm to57cm. So tall. She has started holding her own head up and enjoying being awake. She had her 6 week needles the other day which made her cranky but she is starting to feel better.
She loves cuddles, reading and tummy time. Her favorite song is kickstand my heart by motley Crüe. She loves it. She is starting to discover her voice and is realizing she has hands and feet. She has also learnt to dribble so bibs are a must!

One tip for breast feeding mums: prune juice to help you and your baby poop easier. It does the trick!

Thanks mummy's!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Currently the time as stated as the title. My little angel is sleeping in my arms. Everytime I put her in her crib she cried. So I thought I'd stay here until she is in deep sleep and maybe blog about the last week.
Alice-Ella is now a week old. Time has flown and it scares me because she won't be little forever. I'm savoring ever moment with her because I understand that having a baby can be so difficult for some people and for me it was relatively easy, I don't want to take that for granted. The las week has brought with it a good amount of sleep and lots of fun learning experiences. Bath time is our favourite time as well as her awake periods. She hasn't done a poo since we left the hospital on Friday but I rang the midwife and she said it was fine to go up to 12 days. I keep hoping to see poo though. Isn't that sad lol.

Anyways I think it's time for me to put her down.

Good night kittens

Mell x

Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm so clever. I made a baby!

Hello world.

It is currently 5.13am and usually at this time I would be sleeping and if I were awake, I'd be so unhappy about it. But not today. Because as of the 8th of August at 1.26am and am now a proud mummy :)

My little angel, Alice-Ella Sandra was born weighing 8lb 7oz and 20 inches long. She is just the most beautiful baby ever. I know everyone says that but I can't believe we made her. I feel so clever :)

I'm hoping we get to go home today because I miss my bed and being with my husband. I want alice to sleep in her own bed not this plastic crib.

I'm so excited. My labour was short but oh so painful. By the time I got to the hospital it was too late to have any type of pain relief besides gas, but that made me feel weird so I did it totally drug free :)

I started to feel pain at about 6pm on the 7th of August but just thought it was cramps or something and just simply dismissed it. At 7.30 when my husband got home from work i was on my exercise ball bouncing away and I told him these feel different. By 9pm I was in the bath with contractions lasting 40 seconds and about 2-3 minutes apart. We called the hospital at 9.30 and they said come up.

At about 9.45pm I was inspected and I was already 5cm dilated so off to the labour ward we went.

I was in the bath until about 11.45pm and the was inspected as was 9cm. I had to be on my knees because she was posterior and we wanted her to turn. The contractions were so strong I was screaming. At about 12.25am they broke my water and I was able to start pushing. From there it was 1 hour until she was born. It was such a crazy feeling but I now know that all my pleading to let me go home and I don't want to do this was all in my mind and I'm so glad I did because I now have my precious angel :)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doctors Office

Here I am, on my due date, sitting in the doctors office waiting for my appointment. Shouldn't I already have a baby by now. We all know that due dates are just an estimate but by god you'd think they would add a week on just to be safe so you aren't left bewildered and in agony when you pass your due date an are still left without a baby.

So I'm just saying I'm 39 weeks instead so I don't have to be in that dreaded overdue stage where I hate the world. I think that compared to other women I'm quite small and I haven't had any problems (except I thought my waters broke but they didn't, which ended up having me sent to the next major hospital to be induced only to be sent home) I can walk fine, sleep isn't too bad except for toilet breaks and trying to get comfortable. I haven't had any issues really but I just want to meet my baby.

I am certainly getting fed up of people guessing when she will be born, or telling me to have patience or gasping and telling me how painful it will be (from a MAN) but I am ready. I am ready for the pain because it will bring my baby girl into the world.

Currently only running 12 minutes late in the doctors office but I know soon I will be in and out and hopefully have my baby within the next day or so!

Wish me luck!


40 Weeks Pregnant

Hello Kittens

Tomorrow I am offically 40 weeks pregnant. The 2nd of August is my due date and I have no signs of labour :(
How far along? 39 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain:16kg

Maternity clothes? Tights and large shirts. I bought a mens hoodie in grey and I am wearing it non stop.

Stretch marks? I have about 6 dots at the bottom of my stomach but they havent developed.

Skin, Hair & Nails: Nails have been super long and strong and looking amazing. my hair is getting to feel so much nicer but I have been going blonde so I have been using lots of products. My skin has been lovely, no break outs "touch wood". lol

Sleep: Sleep is non existent. Trying to turn over and get up sucks!

Best moment this week: Nothing! I am over it, I want my baby.

Miss anything? I am at that stage where I just want to eat everything I cant have. :(

Movement:Not so much which is good because she is so big that there is no room!

Food cravings: juice, toast, turkey.

Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of beer and smokes.

Gender: A lovely little girl

Labor signs:none :(

Symptoms: back ache and lots of toilet breaks

Belly button in or out? still in

Wedding rings on or off? Off on a necklace

Can you see your toes? nope :((

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but uncomfortable

Looking forward to: meeting my baby!