Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 week baby update

Hello my loves,

Just wanted to update you on my baby girl, even though I hardly have any followers at all, I still enjoy writing as I feel as though it's kind of catharctic :)

So the last 6 weeks have been a blur of nappies, sleeping, crying and playing. Alice-Ella has been amazing growing from 8lb 1oz to 11lb in 6 weeks. What a whopper! She also grew from 51cm to57cm. So tall. She has started holding her own head up and enjoying being awake. She had her 6 week needles the other day which made her cranky but she is starting to feel better.
She loves cuddles, reading and tummy time. Her favorite song is kickstand my heart by motley Crüe. She loves it. She is starting to discover her voice and is realizing she has hands and feet. She has also learnt to dribble so bibs are a must!

One tip for breast feeding mums: prune juice to help you and your baby poop easier. It does the trick!

Thanks mummy's!


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  1. aww this baby is adorable :)
    I love this post!