Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bloggin' in bed

Good evening loves,

I'm just laying in bed and thought hey, I might check in and update my lovely 8 or so followers. I have been thinking about the next time Alice has a nap of typing up all the review it I'm through it reviews as I already have them written on paper and then just releasing one a week so that I can spend as much time with my baby. Should I be doing looks of the day and mummy daughter outfit of the day? I want something different as reviews can be very boring for some people.

So as Alice sleeps I think I'll think of some looks and such for you guys. It's so hard not to clean when she is asleep but I really enjoy blogging so I need and want to do it more. If only Alice could entertain herself but she is very needy at the moment so even putting her down is getting difficulty without her crying.
Would you like some baby posts and organising help? I'm a bit of an organised freak that's why I find it hard not to clean when she is sleeping.

Anyways I'll try and type up all my posts tomorrow so I have lots of reviews ready for you guys

Thanks for reading!

Mell x

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