Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doctors Office

Here I am, on my due date, sitting in the doctors office waiting for my appointment. Shouldn't I already have a baby by now. We all know that due dates are just an estimate but by god you'd think they would add a week on just to be safe so you aren't left bewildered and in agony when you pass your due date an are still left without a baby.

So I'm just saying I'm 39 weeks instead so I don't have to be in that dreaded overdue stage where I hate the world. I think that compared to other women I'm quite small and I haven't had any problems (except I thought my waters broke but they didn't, which ended up having me sent to the next major hospital to be induced only to be sent home) I can walk fine, sleep isn't too bad except for toilet breaks and trying to get comfortable. I haven't had any issues really but I just want to meet my baby.

I am certainly getting fed up of people guessing when she will be born, or telling me to have patience or gasping and telling me how painful it will be (from a MAN) but I am ready. I am ready for the pain because it will bring my baby girl into the world.

Currently only running 12 minutes late in the doctors office but I know soon I will be in and out and hopefully have my baby within the next day or so!

Wish me luck!


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