Tuesday, May 1, 2012

27 weeks pregnant

Hello Everyone,

I know I havent been on in ages and I really have no excuse so here is a new blog!

Im unsure if you know, but IM PREGNANT!

I am 28 weeks on Thursday the 3rd of May so I am currently in my 27th week of pregnany. You have missed a long ride so Im going to summarise for you:
- heartburn
-3 months (in summer) of morning/day/night sickness
- indigestion
- constipation
-aches and pains

Thats generally my symptons.  I was pregnant at my wedding which was in January so my meal consisted of nuggets and 3 chips. And by 11pm I was ready for bed. But it was lovely and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Some other things I have experienced since being pregnant:

- people want to give you allllllll their old stuff, okay I am very thankful for such kind friends but I want the experience of going out and buying my own new stuff.
- judgement; "oh, you are finding out what it is? I wouldnt if I had a baby"    well guess what, you dont/arent having a baby so dont judge me on my decisions. Also judgement about my age, Im 22 and I will be 23 at the end of this year, Ive been with my husband for 6 and a half years, give it a break people. and judgement from strangers, " oh youre out late, shouldnt you be at home?" Being pregnant must mean Im incapable of having a social life.
- growing larger; I only just lost 17kg and was still 3kg off my goal weight and now the scales are going up, not fair.
- constant advice and misconceptions; "oh yeah, dont use that and make sure you get this" Ive read the books and I google things daily, I dont need you to tell me thanks. You cant dye your hair or get waxed, so for 9 months I have to be a hairy and unmaintained creature. not my style

Onto this week as I havent addressed that yet, I will use a chart which I stole from Sam Schuerman who I will link below
How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain: boobs are huge and so am I

Maternity clothes? Bonds maternity bras and singlets and tights

Stretch marks? The ones I had previously seem more noticeable but no new ones

Skin, Hair & Nails: nails were becoming weak as they got longer so i cut them down and am wearing fake ones right now. My skin hasnt looked this good in a very long time so thqanks pregnancy and I just had my hair done, its soft and growing like a dream

Sleep: perfect with some mild toilet breaks

Best moment this week: antenatal classes were very interesting. I took my mummy who was very loud and thought she knew it all because mt baby Tim couldnt come with me. It kind of put a lot of things into perspective. Also, we got all our furniture, we have very little stuff to get now which makes me nervous.

Miss anything? Ham, turkey, runny eggs and cold seafood.

Movement: I had the biggest kick ever last night, it hurt a little

Food cravings: toasted sandwiches and fruit smoothies

Anything making you queasy or sick: smoking, yuck.

Gender: A lovely little girl

Labor signs: No.

Symptoms: sore back but I think thats mostly because ive been in different beds for the last three days

Belly button in or out? In for now!

Wedding rings on or off? On but are tight in the mornings because of swelling

Can you see your toes? Yes

Happy or moody most of the time: It has been a very sad week, my nanny passed away yesterday so Ive been very upset and my husband is working night work so Im all alone (this is why Im typning a blog)

Looking forward to: being out of the second trimester!

thanks for reading and here is sams blog

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